Freelance Writer Jennifer Matthewson

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The one and only.

Jennifer Matthewson is a writer and entrepreneur originally from the Midwest. She is the founder and editor of Daily Blender, the author of “Career Diary of a Caterer,” and a freelance journalist.

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Jennifer headed west in the late 90’s to enjoy the last of Seattle’s dot-com era. In 2003, she opened Zen Kitchen Catering, an award-winning organic catering business centered on community relationships and sustainable business practices in Portland, Oregon. Her first book, “Career Diary of a Caterer,”  was published in 2007.

In partnership with an international blog network, Daily Blender was launched in the spring of 2008, covering food & beverage industry news from an insider’s perspective. A year later, Jennifer took over ownership, rebranding and growing readership and gaining the respect of chefs and restaurateurs around the globe. Now over ten years strong, Daily Blender has expanded to include exclusive profiles and spotlights within food, drink, travel, and culture. 

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