CN Tower, Toronto, Canada Credit: Jennifer Matthewson [MATTHEWSON.COM]

It was tough to sleep on the red-eye from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Toronto, Ontario. When I initially booked my tickets from Portland, Oregon, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the cheapest route put me through Canada, which I certainly didn’t mind. A short jump to Vancouver, a red-eye flight, and a day to play in Toronto before I boarded for Brazil. An experienced traveler, I figured I’d sleep on the plane to Toronto without a problem, but the winds thought otherwise, and we were pushed back and forth, up and down as we floated across the midnight sky. It seemed as though I only got a few minutes of sleep before we’d experience another shake, and I found myself peering up at the multi-colored lights of the Air Canada cabin much more than I had hoped. In my fight for sleep, I thought about the last time I had been to Toronto.

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Published on Daily Blender, January 2017

*Images: Jennifer Matthewson / Daily Blender