It jumped out at me as soon as I read it. I was downtrodden when I arrived in Boise in September of 2016, lost and weary from a year of heartbreak and personal loss. I had never been to the Idaho capital, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the downtown area was welcoming and easy to navigate, as were my hosts and fellow media companions. I traversed tastings and tours over the course of the long weekend, filled with small talk, wineries, and restaurants. But it was at Meriwether Cider where I found renewed inspiration next to their incredible Foothills Semi-Dry.

Showcased on various employees, and available for any visitor wanting a cidery memento, are the Meriwether Cider staff t-shirts. “To adventures big and small,” they read across the front in orange ink, juxtaposed with a two-man crosscut saw used to fell timbers. To adventures big and small, I thought to myself, finding a moment of peace amid the ever-changing life terrain.

It was at Meriwether, in the original tasting room out in Garden City, where I learned about the history of the Leadbetter family. About their big and small adventures.

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Published on Daily Blender, October 2019

*Image: Meriwether Cider