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Jennifer MatthewsonJennifer Matthewson is a writer, photographer, and entrepreneur originally from the Midwest. She is a freelance journalist, author of “Career Diary of a Caterer,” and founder/editor/publisher of DailyBlender.com.

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Jennifer headed west in the late 90’s to ride the wave of  Seattle’s dot-com era. In 2003, she opened Zen Kitchen Catering, an award-winning organic catering business in Portland, Oregon. “Career Diary of a Caterer,” detailing her day-to-day experiences running Zen Kitchen, was published in 2007.

In early 2008, in partnership with an international blog network, she launched Daily Blender, covering food & beverage industry news from an insider’s perspective, gaining the respect of chefs, restaurateurs, and food fans around the globe. Eventually expanding to include travel and arts & culture, Daily Blender published more than 800 exclusive pieces during its thirteen-year run.

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